Get to know our application process

We look at an individual’s overall ability to repay, which means getting a hand with your bills may no longer be out of reach.

Our assessment criteria

Traditional lenders like banks and credit cards often assess individuals based on a single factor: their credit score. However, we know a credit score doesn’t always tell the whole story.

Credit scores are notoriously difficult to build back up after they drop—so, even if you’ve been a responsible consumer for years, you may still be dealing with a low score that prevents you from qualifying for some lending opportunities.

That’s where we come in. Stepstone Credit assesses loan applicants on a number of factors, including employment status, recent repayment history, and general ability to repay. That means even those with no credit history or a credit score below 600 are able to qualify for our personal installment loans.

A smart option with speedy funding


In-person or online loan applications

Your chances of securing a personal loan are the same whether you apply online or come into one of our branches.


Funding same or next day

Your bills won’t wait, neither do we. Funds are often delivered on the day you apply.


Simple repayment schedules

Surprise fees are not part of our playbook. We work with you to establish a clear, consistent route to repayment.

Use our slider tool to estimate how a loan in your desired amount would fit into your monthly budget.

How much money do you need?


Expected monthly repayment: $52/mo

*Exact repayment amount may vary based on individual contract.

Borrow sums in line with your needs

Our loans range from $200 to $1,700. We encourage you to borrow only the amount you need in order to ensure easier repayment and increased opportunities to build your credit.

Invest in your future

In addition to providing funding opportunities, we also provide a chance to effectively build or rebuild your credit score.

Because personal installment loan repayments are reported to major credit bureaus, making timely and responsible repayments on your Stepstone Credit loan can go a long way in repairing past issues.

Frequently asked questions about applying for a loan at Stepstone Credit

Stepstone Credit offers one primary loan type: unsecured small personal installment loans. Our loans range from $200 to $1,700 and can be used on any category of personal expenses.

You will need to submit information about your residence and employment as well as contact information for several friends or family members who can act as character references, if needed. You will need to submit a valid social security number to apply. Additional documents may be requested as your application is being processed.

Credit score is not the single deciding factor in our loan application process. You can apply even if you have no credit or low credit.

Most loan applications are processed in 24 hours or less. Processing time may be longer on select weekends and holidays.

We’ll work with you to create payment terms that are a fit for your monthly budget.

Whether you apply online, by phone, or in person, the typical loan application process only takes about 15 minutes.