Loans for Travel and Vacations

Sometimes, feeling like you have it all is as simple as finding the funds to take a getaway from it all

Using personal loans for travel expenses and vacations

Using personal loans for travel expenses and vacations

Whether it’s the annual pilgrimage to a family reunion or a much-needed weekend of relaxing by the beach, Stepstone Credit is here to help you fund a trip that lets you unwind, spend time with loved ones, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Funding’s on us, packing’s on you

Plane and Bus Tickets

With loans up to $1,700, Stepstone Credit can take you across town — or around the world.

Gas Fill-Ups

Road trips can feel pretty pricey these days. Make sure you feel secure at the pump with some extra cash in your pocket.

Hotels and Resorts

Pay for a comfortable place to rest after a long day’s journey, or a luxurious retreat where you can cozy up for the day.

Tickets and Admission

From water parks to Broadway plays, get the cash you need to do the things you love with your family.

Benefits of using a personal loan for travel and vacation expenses

Receive money online or in person

We have your back, no matter where you roam. Stop by your local branch or apply online to receive funds electronically.

Build your credit as you repay

A break from the norm doesn’t need to mean breaking your credit. Build up your score through timely loan repayments.

Spend on all types of travel expenses

A loan from Stepstone Credit can help you cover everything from accommodations to entertainment.

Flexible repayment schedules

Easily make payments online or in-branch and work with our experienced reps to establish an affordable repayment schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Personal loans can help you pay for nearly all parts of your trip, no matter your destination.

Yes. Though only Texas residents are eligible to receive loans from Stepstone Credit, they may use their funds anywhere their travels take them.

No. Gambling with personal loan funds is prohibited.

Where will your next big adventure take you?

With a personal loan from Stepstone Credit, you can stop dreaming and start traveling.