Putting your Stepstone Credit loan to use

We’re about expanding your options, not limiting them

That’s why there are no restrictions on how you can spend the funds you receive through a personal installment loan from Stepstone Credit.

Take care of necessities, treat yourself to small luxuries, show care for your loved ones, or consolidate existing debt — the choices are limitless.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our applications do not ask you to disclose how you plan to spend your money and doing so voluntarily will not impact your chances of being approved.

Absolutely. Loans from Stepstone Credit may be used to fund a single purchase, multiple related purchases, or even several fully disconnected expenses.

Though personal installment loans from Stepstone Credit are highly flexible, there are several categories of expense they do not cover.

It is prohibited to use your personal loan for:

• Gambling
• Illegal purchases
• Business expenses
• Down payments on real estate
• College tuition

Yes. With our fair lending terms and affordable repayment schedules, consolidating higher-interest loans with Stepstone Credit is a popular option.

Why choose Stepstone?

In addition to providing you with cash, we pride ourselves on also providing you with stepping stones to more opportunity.

Why personal installment loans?

Personal loans combine the credit benefits of bank loans with the accessibility of payday loans to create a better option for borrowing.