Loans for Rent and Housing Expenses

We’re here to ensure you don’t need to stress about where you’ll lay your head

Paying for housing expenses with a personal loan

Paying for housing expenses with a personal loan

No matter your credit or your living situation, you deserve to feel securely housed and free of anxieties about your home and your belongings. Personal loans offer the flexibility to cover a number of costs related to housing needs, helping you maintain your residence.

Live in comfort with funding for housing expenses

Security Deposits

Secure the rental of your dreams — even if you don’t have a sizable savings to pay for security deposits and realtor fees.

Rent Payments

Stay in good standing with landlords by using your personal loan to pay upcoming rent or pay off outstanding debts. 

Utility Bills

Keep up with rising gas and electricity prices with a loan flexible enough to cover all your domestic utility bills.

Roommate Housing Payments

Make timely contributions to your portion of housing costs when sharing space with roommates or friends.

Benefits of using a personal loan for housing and rent costs

Loans from $200 to $1,700

Take care of needs large and small with flexible loan amounts and affordable repayment schedules that work with your budget.

Fast approvals and funding

We work hard to get applicants approved the very same business day, and to make sure they don’t have to wait for their money.

No collateral needed

Most of our loans are unsecured — meaning you will not be at risk of losing your vehicle or any other property due to a missed payment.

Opportunities to build credit

Consistent and timely payments on your loan help build credit and set you on the path to home ownership and lower interest rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. A down payment on a house or a home mortgage payment is one of the few ways your personal loan may not be used.

Yes. Personal loans are eligible for use in both formal renting agreements and informal house-share situations.

Stepstone Credit offers Texas residents loans of up to $1,700 to pay for their housing expenses.

Feel secure in your housing situation.

A personal loan from Stepstone Credit let’s you stop worrying, and start living.