Loans for Car and Truck Needs

Don’t spend a moment at a standstill with flexible and affordable loans made to fit your needs.

Using a personal loan for car repairs

Using a personal loan for car repairs

Whether the issue is bad brakes or rising gas prices, people trust Stepstone Credit to help them address the expenses that come with being a driver so they can get back on the road — safely and swiftly.

The path ahead is limitless

Car and Truck Repairs

Replace parts, invest in brake work, freshen up your paint job, get your oil changed — and more.

Car AC Repair and Installation

Beat the heat no matter your vehicle’s age. You and your family deserve to drive in comfort.

Gas Costs

Don’t let rising gas prices keep you from getting where you need to go. Our loans will help you cover the cost.

Insurance Payments

Don’t live with the stress of lapsed insurance payments. Stay on top of bills to maintain your credit — and your peace of mind.

Benefits of using a personal loan for car and truck repairs

Same day loan approval

Don’t put off repairing your vehicle. Get approved fast and get your money as soon as the very same day.

Get up to $1,700

Address a single costly repair or invest in quality routine maintenance with higher loan limits.

Pay for all auto needs

Personal loans can be used to cover all automobile repair expenses. Pay for parts, labor, inspection, and more.

Drive safely and build credit

Your safety on the road doesn’t come at the expense of your financial future. Build credit as you repay your loan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal loans are nearly limitless. Use them to fund a vehicle purchase, repair an existing vehicle, insurance and lease payments, routine inspections, gas fill-up, and more.

No. Car loans differ from personal loans in that they can only be used for a single type of purchase and they are typically secured — meaning the vehicle you buy is used as collateral that may be repossessed if you fail you pay the funds back on time. Personal loans from Stepstone Credit have few limits on how you spend and are unsecured.

Stepstone Credit offers Texas residents loans of up to $1,600 to pay for their car and truck needs.

Yes. If you qualify for a loan that is larger than your current car payments, you may consolidate your bills into a single easy payment.

Don’t put off your car needs for a moment longer.

Apply for a personal loan from Stepstone Credit and get the funds you need to arrive in style.